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Before you replace ANY glass, give the EXPERTS at Glasscare Inc. a call.

Glasscare offers an in-expensive alternative to full glass replacement in the battle against glass vandalism.  Originally developed to remove wiper scratches from windshields, we have adapted and modified this high speed, self contained, fully mobile glass polisher, to successfully remove “scratchiti”, chemical etching, acid rain and mineral stains at a fraction of replacement cost.   Until now, your options were either to change the glass or live with the mess.

To complement our scratch removal service, we offer a solution to prevent future “scratchiti”: problems.  Glasscare suggests filming these vulnerable glass windows and doors with our 6mil, 3-ply, optically clear plastic film. An application of this protective film, covering the vulnerable area will protect your glass as a sacrificial barrier against further “scratchiti” attacks.  If the glass is “hit” again, we just need to remove the film and replace it, costing much less than replacement.  Film installation also effectively transforms the storefront into quasi-safety glass, protecting both the patron and the public from flying shards in the event of accident.  And this film will also block 99% of the UV rays, which can cause fading of paint, signage and merchandise.