- Steals the rewards of “smash-and-grab” theft.
- Reduces the danger of natural disasters.
- Curtails the effects of industrial accidents and explosions.
- Lessons the impact of terrorism and violence

Every home, office, factory, public building and retail store are at risk. Today’s world is constantly changing. Safety and security concerns have become the major driving force behind the overwhelming demand for anti-intrusion and security filming. No one wants to live in fear. Unfortunately, we are reminded daily that our environment contains threats of all kinds and at times, our safety and security seems unclear. Fortunately, we can now take the control to measurably reduce that threat for our employees, friends and family in our place of business and/or homes.

You can’t stop windows from breaking, but you can lesson the chance that glass fragments will fly about like deadly missiles. Our transparent, high-efficiency microfilm is bonded to glass with a revolutionary mounting adhesive. Glass and film virtually become one, and a barrier is created on the inside of your windows are shattered by accidental or intentional impact, explosive pressure, or the force of high driving winds.

“Smash-and-Grab” thieves and looters depend upon speed. Smash a window, grab the merchandise and go before police arrive. A window filmed with our anti- intrusion and security filming is harder to break through and more likely to stay intact when smashed. Confused and frustrated, criminals flee empty-handed.

Reduces the danger of natural disasters: Mother Nature at times offers uncontrollable and violent weather.  Earthquakes, hurricanes, high winds or tornados shatter glass, the flying and falling fragments can become deadly. And once its glass barrier is breached a building’s interior is then vulnerable to rain, water damage and flying debris, too. Our films give you the added edge for safety and security in these real life situations.

Curtailing the effects of industrial accidents and explosions: People and equipment can suffer serious injury from glass shards when chemicals, fuel or escaping gas explodes. By reducing damages and injuries, installing our films can reduce medical bills and insurance costs.

Lessons the impact of terrorism and violence: Bombings, riots and civil upheaval often target public buildings and certain commercial institution. Installing our film reduces the likelihood that occupants will be injured by flying glass. They feel more secure and have greater peace of mind.


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