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Founded in 1996 by current president and disabled veteran, Mel Neulander, GLASScare started as a small one-man business specializing in graffiti removal from glass. Graffiti removal almost immediately progressed to include an anti-graffiti film to protect the newly restored glass, as well as protecting undisturbed glass from getting ‘tagged’ in the first place. This was a much-needed service as NYC was loaded with graffiti vandals and their ‘artwork’ inspired other vandals to leave their mark as well, each trying to outdo their rival.

Word spread and GLASScare was soon working for all the top retailers (Starbucks, Gap, Banana Republic, Old Navy, McDonalds to name a few) as well as many top property managers/owners, maintenance companies and window cleaners. Our successful and cost effective counter measure to the graffiti issue took hold and our client list exponentially grew.

With the out of control vandalism and a fast-growing customer base, the company quickly grew, adding employees and gaining notoriety. It was a full out ‘war on graffiti’ and we had the ammunition to bring the vandals to their knees, all while saving glass owners usually thousands of dollars in unnecessary glass replacement.

Eventually, offering and installing anti-graffiti film advanced to a full line of solar, security and decorative window films. That paired with our now tremendous, top name client base, helped us to become one of the largest NYC based window film dealer/ installers for almost a decade straight, formally recognized by two of the three leading film manufacturers in the entire industry.

Glass scratch/graffiti removal and window film work was abundant and, with Mel driving the sales along with a fully functional and competent staff, business was booming. This effort started to get us noticed by more and more construction firms as they hired us to repair their accidentally scratched glass as well.

With the hiring of a few more key, essential employees and the dedicated hard work of the existing ones, it wasn’t as far leap to break into the contract glazing field, offering custom glass and mirror, heavy glass partitions and doors, storefronts, all-glass railings, as well as custom showers and mirrors, all while staying true to our core business, scratch removal and window film.

Now, almost 20 years later, GLASScare offers a complete line of glass and glazing related services which include a dedicated glass restoration team, utilizing the latest scratch removal technology, as well as a dedicated glass and glazing team, able to bring the most elaborate designs from concept to fruition. Both teams are fully cross trained in window film application, completely rounding out our service.

Couple all of that with a recent acquisition of a small construction firm capable of framing, dry-wall, paint and carpet and the possibilities are endless.

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