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Glasscare specializes in all things glass, and then some

Anti-Intrusion, bullet resistant, and fire rated specialists

A durable alternative to glass for structures that need an additional level of protection. By using strong, sturdy glass and plastics, bullet resistant glass stopping a frenzy of bullets dead in its tracks, it is not fully impenetrable. Bullet resistant glass is meant to absorb energy from bullets upon impact.

Scratch Removal

From start to finish, glass scratch removal is artform more than anything else.

Custom office fit-outs

Our technicians come out to verify field dimensions to ensure you are getting the best fitting product and finish.

Demountable partitions

Wall systems that can be removed and reinstalled into a different configuration based on the current and future needs of your business. They are installed on a track from which they can be easily moved with little hassle or mess to clean up.


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Our glaziers are the most recognized professionals in the world because we’re committed to amazing service and getting the job done right.

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All Glass Doors and Partitions

One of the most common types of home and business glass outside of traditional windows is glass doors. Safe for interior and exterior use, modern-day glass doors are made of tempered glass, energy-efficient and come in a variety of styles.

Door repairs & Glass Replacement

Things happen, glass breaks, and can easily be replaced.

How It Works?

1. Contact us for a custom quote

Email or Call us for a custom quote.

2. Estimate given for work needed

After giving us the specifications of the work you are looking to get done, along with your budget, we will schedule our estimator to come out if needed.

3. Completion

After the work is complete, our accounts receivable associate will reach out for final payment.

Custom GLass & Mirrors

From acid etched mirrors to frosted mirrors, we can add a centerpiece to any room.


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Scratch Removal
Custom Office Fit-Outs
Demountable Partitions
All Glass Doors and Partitions
Door Repairs & Glass Replacement
Custom Glass & Mirrors
Anti-Intrusion, Bullet Resistant, and Fire Rated Specialists